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Originally Posted by Justinov View Post
1)So I guess all danish/norwegian -sen or swedish -son names will just be -sens or -sons in Latvian?
2)Russian -ov names becomes -ovs, 3)what about the more Ukrainian -(ch)enko?
4)Most German names probably also get -s, right?
5)Can you give some examples of french sounding names where you wont end with -s?
1)yes, Jannik Hansen (Janniks Hansens), Henrik Zetterberg ( Henriks Zeterbergs)
3)"o" can stay, because words can end with a vowels, Gilbert Brule ( Žilberts Brulē), Sobchenko (Sobčenko), Andy Garcia (Endijs Garsija).In general, if your surname ends wit a vowel, there's a good chance it will stay there in your surname's Latvian version
4) yes
5) Is Zidane french surname? Not sure because of his Algerian roots, if yes then - Zidāns. But in reality this example won't really help because that "e" at the end of his last name is silent (you don't pronouce it). If Zidane would rhyme with Brule, it wouldn't end with "s" but with "e". That's why I previously said that French surnames are a mess to convert to our language. Though the biggest mess is with last names that have silent first letters, like Cristobal Huet (Ujē; Uē; Hjuē and few more versions probably)

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