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05-23-2012, 02:04 PM
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Originally Posted by HossTheBoss View Post
Oh my ****ing god!! Are you actually saying Crawford and Emery both had bad seasons? OH MY GODDD!!! I guess that means we should trade them. I guess every team should trade sophmores coming off rough second seasons..

Statisically, Crawford's had a very good season last year and a poor season this year. He's averaged a GAA of 2.51 and SV% of 0.910 over his NHL career. He is an average goaltender, sometimes above it as it showed through most of last year and sometimes below, as he showed at times this year.

And saying "it was the defense" isn't an excuse. It's a legitimate reason why, as you point out, both goaltenders - despite putting up very good/great numers last year - both had bad seasons statisicaly.. seasons that are or would match the worst (or close to it) statisical seasons of their NHL careers. The Hawks are awful in their own zone. They're complete trash. I can not put enough emphasis on how bad they are in their own zone. They're disorganized, their wingers are almost never in position to support the Dmen and each centre seemingly had a different way of defending throughout the season. They don't cover the slot and they don't even attempt to clear opposing players from the crease and/or tie-up players standing right infront of Crawford/Emery... especially on the PK. They're awful.

Were the goaltenders bad for stretches throughout the year? Sure they were. I don't think either Crawford or Emery would say they played anywhere near as good as they could have.. but the play infront of them was awful and it was awful from start to finish.

It's funny how the goaltenders you mentioned all play on defense-first teams.. with NYR, PHX and LA being arguabley the three most diciplined and well-coached defensive teams in the league.
Sarava is right though, too many back breaking goals let in by both goalies. You're right too, there needs to be some improvement in the setups defensively, it is unorganized, passive and ineffective. And it's also quite obvious some personel changes need to be made on D and up front.

The coach is staying so I don't see any major changes schematically. I hope he at least changes the PK to allow players to put more pressure on the opposition and create turnovers like they did so well in 09-10.

The goaltenders seem to be staying. Hopefully Crawford plays like he did in 10-11 when he was still dealing with bad schemes and underperformance but somehow managed to prevail, a well known fact that is often forgotten. Emery, no hope for him, he plays as hard as any goalie in the league and still sucks, just doesn't have it at all. I think it was topher that summed it up the best and I quote "****ing horrible resign"

The defense, and possibly bringing in a good defensive forward, at least a good PKing 4th line C, we'll have to wait and see what Bowman does. The absolute worst thing he can do, and I think we can all agree on this, is bring back the charmin soft turnover machine, Oduya. That would signal sheer insanity on Bowman's part given the problems the team had on defense last year.

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