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05-23-2012, 02:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Sarava View Post
Agree with some of what you wrote. But I disagree calling Tallon backers bandwagon jumpers. If anything it's the opposite. Many of us who support Dale grew up with him and Pat calling the games for decades.

One of my most depressing Hawk memories is walking out of the Chicago Stadium after the Hawks had just lost 1-0 to the Penguins in game 3 of the SCF. That was a lonely drive home. After the 11 game wining streak, it all came to a crashing halt there and the reality set in that once again they were going to fail to win the cup. This came during the strike ravaged season, but also in the season after the Hawks had won the president's cup but were upset by the North stars in the first round. This team has conjured up so many different ways of failing...that when they finally did it, ahhhhhh!

Memories like THAT are what make me appreciate Dale Tallon so much. Thank you Dale Tallon!

I don't agree that Stan's job is tougher. Yes he had to somewhat remake the team, but he had ridiculous assets to trade off to load the chamber back up. That was 2 years ago, and we should be seeing the fruits of that selloff now. In hindsight he probably should have traded some of those assets for prospects that were closer to NHL ready.
I didn't say Tallon backers are Bandwagoners.. I said that, seemingly, the people who hate on Bowman the most are people who jumped on the bandwagon just prior to, or during the Hawks Cup season. Bowman is the reason "fan favourites" like Buff, Versteeg and Ladd are gone.. or at least, reading what some have to say about Bowman, that's the impression I certainly get (I'm not exclusively talking about this board).

In hindsight, people should appreciate that he was able to get quality picks and prospects for players despite teams fully knowning he absolutely had to shed salary.

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