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05-23-2012, 02:17 PM
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Originally Posted by HarryHabs View Post
I am not an Anglo.

Born and raised in Montreal, mom is from France and speak French at my parents house. Studied my whole life in French including Medecine at Universite de Montreal. Keep judging though.

Now, child please, I read more history than you ever will. The Habs are not Quebec's team, close to half the population of the province would instantly change back to the Nordiques including possibly yourself judging from your history of posting in the Business of Hockey forum.

We are also not in ****ing 1938 where the Habs were created as the French team. Times change and the Habs have no longer been for a long time Quebec's team. They are Greater Montreal's team.

I also think its disrespectful that you think everyone that doesn't want this team to be based off language is an Anglo. Get a grip, we're in 2012.
Do you ever go around the Province? Kids all over dream to play for the Habs. They are the Province's team, not just Montreal. When the Habs lose you can sense the deception all over the damn province. I know there are fans of other teams and especially in Quebec were I live there are still die-hards Nords fans, but it has changed a lot since the Nords left, there's a whole generation of kids that have grown up in a World where the Habs are everything to them, yes like it was in 1938.

Man Montrealers are so possessive.

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