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03-27-2006, 09:22 AM
Qui Gon Dave
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I'm not a goalie but i've taken a fair few shots at them and found a few things work well for me.

High blocker side is one that i have found works well for me, particularly when i cut across the crease and shoot back to the side i came from (im a right handed shot going left to right across the net, i usually shoot when im in line with the centre of the net or just past centre). If you do this with speed, it draws the keeper from the post and gives you something to aim at.

Another one that was mentioned was shots using a screen. I always try to take advantage of a screen set (usually by the other teams defence). If they dont know better, you can skate in as far as you want with a screen in place the whole way. If they can actually play defence, maybe fake a slap/snap shot and make a slight move to get the defender in the goalies line of sight and then quick release wrister.

Another thing that goalies can have difficulty with is if they know how you tend to shoot, change it up and send it somewhere else. For example, i like shooting high glove side a lot of the time and sometimes keepers have me pegged from the moment i approach the goal. When i started putting them low stick side or five hole things go my way a little bit more often.

Another trick i've seen Joe Sakic do in the past is if you are on (for example) a 2 on 1 and you have a decent shot, get close to the net, look continuously at your teammate as if you are desperate to try and set them up and then wrist it near side top corner. If the keeper thinks your gonna pass, they might leave the near post a little more open and if you can get a good shot away when the keeper is half expecting something else, that can be difficult to stop

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