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03-27-2006, 09:49 AM
Qui Gon Dave
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Originally Posted by Pitt's Best #87 #66
She's really competive and do you think she would be any good?
Not sure what advice would be best to get her started, i suppose just find somewhere where she can play safely and learn the basics before throwing her into anything too competitive.

As for would she be any good, obviously, i only have what you have written to go on. You say she is competitive so if that is the case and she likes the sport, then she will find a way to make herself good. About 18 months ago at the roller hockey team i play for, this 14 year old girl, about 5'2 (a friend of one of the players) came down and started training with us. She couldn't skate, hadn't watched ice hockey before and only had a background in field hockey. she too is very competitive and as of now she is developing into a very good player. Some of her puck skills still need a lot of work (stick-handling and shooting), but her skating has improved drastically, she is always involved in the game and she NEVER backs down from anyone. We have a couple of big defenders on our team 6'+ and fairly hefty) and in training she is always fighting for the puck with them along the walls, forechecking, backchecking and working like mad. With time she will sort her shot out and learn to stickhandle around other players, but the key things are she has grown to love the game and makes the effort to improve herself. If your daughter has those two qualities, the only other thing she will need is time and she can become a decent player. Just give her some encouragement and any support or advice if she asks for it and let her enjoy the sport. Hope that helps in some way.

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