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05-23-2012, 05:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Oates2Neely View Post
"2yrs younger" has no relevance to this post imo.

They both started as NHL "regulars" in 07-08, and Krejci played 25 games that season in the AHL. I also argue that their stats are skewered in favor of Kane slightly because Kane was thrust into the spotlight due to his draft position and the sad state of the Chicago franchise back then. While David Krejci started on Bostons 3rd line in a checking role. So imo the early career numbers certainly favor Kane for obvious reasons.

08-09 is a fair yr to start comparing because both players were at that point on a level playing field (both played full seasons in NHL, both played in a top-6 role.

08-09: 80GP 25G 45A 70PTS
09-10: 82GP 30G 58A 88PTS
10-11: 73GP 27G 46A 73PTS
11-12: 82GP 23G 43A 66PTS

08-09: 82GP 22G 51A 73PTS
09-10: 79GP 17G 35A 52PTS
10-11: 75GP 13G 49A 62PTS
11-12: 79GP 23G 39A 62PTS

So Kane is paid $6.5M per, Krejci $5.25,, Krejci is a natural center. Krejci 26yrs old, Kane 24yrs old.

The above stats show me that other than the 09-10 season where Kane smoked Krejci, their stats are very similar, Kane ofcourse with the slight edge. However this ofcourse doesnt take into account defensive responsibilities, +/- etc.

BUT please dont attempt to tell me Krejci's value is "nowhere close to Kane's".. thats bs. And Tim Thomas isn't the difference between the two. Maybe a 'B' level prospect or a 2nd round pick at best. Id guess it hinges on needs: Does Chicago feel comfortable w/ Kane playing out of position as their 2nd line center? Or would they prefer swapping him for a natural center? Does Boston feel Seguin is ready for center duty? If so then ofcourse they look to swap Krejci for an upgrade at wing.
I don't think it's ever fair for someone to start arbitrarily deciding to count some games and not others. They've played a similar number of career games. Reducing the sample size is never a helpful thing, and arbitrarily doing it because you think it is more "fair" is just adding bias.

Secondly, even if we take your stats.... Kane smokes him. That's a difference of 30 goals in only 4 seasons. And 48 pts in 4 seasons. There's no slight edge here.

That's like saying these 2 players have had similar numbers the last 4 seasons:

Player A: 17,g 25 a 42 pts
9 11 20
30 32 62
26 35 61
Total 82g 103a 185

Player B: 17g 15a 32
9 17 26
14 20 34
15 32 47
Total 55g 84 139

These 2 players have similar differnces (27 g, 46a) over the 4 year span.

So I guess Nick Foligno is pretty comparable to Milan Lucic.

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