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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
They were great at evens, great on the PK, and were getting their chances on the PP but not converting. They kept losing games they'd dominate.

They were playing better than they had in over a decade but not getting rewarded for it. It happens. Hockey is unfair.
Right on all counts but there are a few factors that are unquantifiable but totally real:

1. Motivation
2. Communication
3. Luck

Hockey is a dynamic sport, not as dynamic as Soccer but almost. There's only so much a coach can do tactically - for instance, almost every team in the league plays a trap at some point in each game - but getting the players to show up every game, to compete and to use their talents to the best of their abilities is the real job of a coach.

Players are as talented as ever and I'd even argue that if you separate physical talents from the mental factor almost every team in the league has the same roster give or take; it's getting the squad to be fit, to be healthy, to be driven and hungry, to be patient, and so on, that is the real challenge.

Sure the 5 on 5 was great and we were solid on the PK. Sure there were chances being generated on the PP but the fact was that the team was not scoring as much as they could have or should have and the players were unhappy. Gauthier is to blame for it, I'll admit it, but sacking Martin was the only option at the time, he had sucked the lifeforce out of the team.

I remember going to a game in November, we played the trashiest hockey imaginable. Losing 0-1 to the Bruins at home. There was no forecheck, no attempt to dominate the game, nothing.

There are far too many instances under JM where the team just did look like they were enjoying themselves or that they felt comfortable playing.

I'd love for a motivational-type, someone who is FAMOUS for being a communicator, for telling his players what he expects of them and what he wants them to do and how he expects them to do it.*

*My fanboyism wants to hope that Carbo evolved and will instill that kind of drive in the team but to be honest I'm not so sure. I just want a team who will hold itself accountable, like the STL or the NYR lockerroom. Spacek wouldn't fit in either team if you ask me.

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