Thread: Speculation: FINAL: Where does Nash end up?
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05-23-2012, 06:30 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeyball View Post
Justify that with numbers. No "I just know" or "I watch the play" I want results. Results are what matter, and Pavelski and Nash are providing similar results.

I've said over and over that Nash is more talented, I'm not debating that, but Semin is incredibly talented too, but his results don't match his talent.

I have NEVER claimed this. I said Pavelski is, at worst, a better VALUE than Nash. Bang for the buck. I personally believe Pavelski is a better player as well, but those are different points.

The goal posts are shifting all over the place, but this is the brunt of the argument:

Should the Sharks be comfortable trading Pavelski (or +) for Rick Nash even though they have produced similar results for the last few seasons and Pavelski is on a much cheaper contract?

I say absolutely no. Honestly, I'd barely take Rick Nash for free because of his contract. $7.8m is just WAY too much. He'd be the highest paid player on the Sharks by quite a bit and not the best player on the team (Thornton and Marleau are both clearly better). So would I give up Pavelski for Nash? No, it makes the Sharks worse, gives us less flexibility, and Pavelski + another $3.8m player (which we can now afford) is far more valuable than another super-star.
Im gonna lay down in my bed, and cry, cry away the pain thats this thread is causing me. Why cant we leave this NashvsPavelski stuff, its not leading anywhere. The arguments is getting ridiculous, Nash has better stats in this but Pavelski has better stats in that, Pavelskis salary makes up for the difference in skill, Nash is/aint a superstar, Pavelski plays sheltered minutes, Pavelski plays against top lines, Nash has crap teammates, Pavelski has a team of Crosbys around him.
(not directed directly at you hockeyball, more directed at this majority of this thread)

Lets just drop this and talk about the other 28clubs Nash might end up in, the other 28clubs where neither Nash or Pavelski plays, please.

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