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05-23-2012, 05:35 PM
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Originally Posted by blahblah View Post
Nothing to add, because if you were surprised this occurred you must jump at shadows frequently.
Who said anything about being surprised? From day 1 the City and County were in this to hand a bunch of money to Nationwide to sustain their business. Standard operating procedure for the local government. Meanwhile, Nationwide's doing exactly as expected--getting as much as it can get from the transaction. So, no, I'm not shocked in the least that they also figured they might as well have total control as if the Arena never changed hands in the first place.

That said, since the general attitude is "they can do whatever they want", guess what? They'll continue to do this sort of thing, getting more and more brazen every time. Maybe we can just hand our taxes directly to Nationwide in the future and save the expense of the City and County bureaucracy.

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