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05-23-2012, 05:45 PM
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Originally Posted by charlie460 View Post
It's not like the NHL wants to take it away from you, it is part of NBC's TV contract that the games are not allowed to be streamed live or within a certain amount of time to people within the viewing area (North America). If you use a proxy outside of North America, you can access either feed within about 30 minutes after the game ends.
I understand it is part of the contract, it is just frustrating because NBCSN isn't as popular as ESPN so it isn't everywhere yet. They could allow streaming of the NBC broadcast, including commercials so they don't lose ad money. Honestly I don't know enough about tv to know if that is even reasonable, I am sure there is a reason it can't be done, but it is just frustrating to not be able to see the games.

I also think it is crap that NBC continues to put games on their obscure network. I understand they are using the game to promote their channel but they need to take the approach Fox, CBS, and ABC do with their sports. Preempt your damn shows to show hockey. I mean even during the first round the games were on CNBC, WTH is that? Showing hockey on NBC during primetime would grow the game more than having it buried on their sports channel that only actual fans look for.

Originally Posted by McZotto View Post
You can use but you have to pay like 8 bucks for a day of access
My streams are very limited because I am at work, lots of stuff gets blocked. And this weekend I will have very limited internet. My wife has a 4g verizon phone, might look into downloading that NHL app to watch if there is a game 7, but I am not even sure we have 4g coverage where we are going, cell phone is very spotty there.

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