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Ken Dryden spoke at Mount A when I was there in the late 90s, and since one of the receptions was in the building where I lived, a couple of us got the chance to talk with him for quite a bit outside the hall doors where he was just hanging out afterwards. Incredibly down to earth and easy to talk to guy for someone who is such a legend, I must say. Soft-spoken and sharp. I think he asked more about our life at Mount A than we talked about anything Habs-related besides my admission of super-fandom.

Next "biggest" one for me, despite having "met" (i.e. lined up and got a card signed by) Patrick Roy at a signing in Halifax yeeeeeears ago, was in the airport in Montreal on my way to my JET Programme interview back in '04 (was living in Edmonton at the time, but my application was from Halifax, with Montreal as closest interview site for that group). Must have been March, because it was before the playoffs but after acquiring Kovalev. I was in the boarding area, just got up to go to the bathroom quickly before boarding time, and saw Bob Gainey sitting with one other guy (couldn't tell you who) a section over and a few rows back. I walked right up to him and just said "Mr. Gainey? Good job on the Kovalev trade." I shook his hand, he just smiled (thought that was kinda weird, actually) and said thanks, and I just kept on walking to the bathroom, lol. Never bothered walking back the same way to ask/say anything else - even though he was right there.

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