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05-23-2012, 08:56 PM
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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
Not to bring the linguistic discussion up again, but I'm not seeing many interesting candidates out there regardless of language.
Pretty much how I feel. I don't get anyone bringing up the language issue. Some of the most "interesting" choices out there (not that they're very interesting to be honest) are billingual. So why not just go with it?

I feel meh about Therrien. If they go with him, I really hope they pick a very good communicator and a "player" guy as his assistant coach. And it better be a short term contract. Otherwise, I'm starting to think Hartley is probably the best option right now, and it pains me to say this. I'd be happier with his type of system. I have little faith in the ability of the Canadiens to rebound next season, might as well watch entertaining losses, if that makes sense!

But in the end, at this point, it's probably better to give a young guy his chance to shine. An assistant coach somewhere that's ready for a promotion, or maybe a coach from the Q. I don't have any names though. There must be someone out there, right?

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