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05-23-2012, 10:53 PM
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Posted this once before:

About six years ago I went to see the film "The Rocket" at Montreal's AMC Theatre, which used to be the Montreal Forum -- I mean, what better place to see that film? So the movie starts and I'm watching the scene where Richard punches the ref in frustration and is suspended for the playoffs. Great scene, except an old couple in back of me is talking as the film goes on. I can't stand people talking in the theatre! I'm trying to focus on Habs coach Dick Irvin screaming at the refs onscreen, but the old couple in back of me is still talking. Finally, I've had enough! I stand up, turn around and get ready to snarl at them, and come face to face with... Dick Irvin Jr.!! I recognize him instantly and can't help laughing. "I can't believe I was just about to give YOU sht!", I said.

He pulls me over, points at the screen and says, "I was there, with my Dad that night. And let me tell you, he WASN'T yelling at all -- in fact, I'd never seen him so calm. And now I promise to shut up!"

And he did.

But there's more. The movie ends and as we're leaving I turn to Mr. Irvin, ask him if he liked the film and then ask him, "So how are your twin grandkids?"

He said, "How did you know I had twin grandchildren?"

As it turns out, back in 2001 my wife was in Walmart walking our baby twin boys in their double stroller, when this older man walked up to her and started chatting about how cute they were and about his own twin grandchildren. Five minutes after he walked away she realized she knew that distinctive voice, and that "Omigod! That was Dick Irvin!" Figures - the one time she lets me off the hook for shopping. But now we have His & Hers Dick Irvin stories.

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