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Originally Posted by AmatuerFan65 View Post
If you do not like the thread abd or have nothing relevant to add - do not click on the thread. Why do you not go to the local forums in Quebec and talk about the virtues of having 'lates" - like the other small mined folks from Quebec.
Wow, what a statement. Because someone is suggesting to cool it and as others mentioned that we have not even settle the 2012 draft,you get excited and you turn your rant into a language issue and a location issue. For your info I am not even in Canada.
What got my attention in your initial post and the reason for my reply is the use of the word SURELY

'Any news on kids that surely will be drafted in 2014?

. How can you be asking that??? Also in your statement you are accusing not only me that is suppose to live in quebec with a small MINED (as you spelled it) but all others that live in Quebec outside Pointe-Claire.

I have read your other posts and you are being vulgar to others too. I suggest you think again about the dream you have for your great son.

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