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05-24-2012, 02:20 AM
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Originally Posted by FolignoQuantumLeap View Post
From what I understand, the SEL and KHL have both been taking pages out of Canada's book in recent years with the development of their junior systems. I'm not saying the author doesn't know what he's talking about but well he doesn't know what he's talking about.
This is new to me. Very interesting. Where did you get this from?

Nevertheless, I actually think he brings up some good points. Remember that this is written for a Swedish audience in a Swedish context and in Sweden (and Denmark for that matter) there is a tendency to think that anything from NHL is perfect. Well, it's not. It's very very good, best in the World, like he's stating several times, but nothing is perfect. Examplified by the recent World Championships.

Europeans are welcome to look down their nose at how we do thing in North America all they like. But the fact is that the NHL has the best players in the world, is much more popular than any other hockey league, and far, far more profitable. So we'll probably just keep doing things how we see fit and pretty much ignore all the nay-saying Europeans with an axe to grind about losing their top players to the NHL.

Europeans can care as much as they like about the WHC. We're more than happy with the NHL and the SCF. We can settle which country is tops at the Olympics.
I think you totally missed the point of the article, but put that aside. Why can't we please just discuss the topic as it is already without falling into the usual Euro/NA crap discussion. The writer didn't insult Canada as a country or anything so there's no reason to melt down. He was adressing a topic that is regularly being discussed in Sweden about ICE HOCKEY. Jesus Christ it took four posts until someone screwed this up and derailed it with some good old racist prejudgement and hemispheric separation.

This is why these boards are no fun any more. Some posters only come here to stir up trouble.

And for your information: Sweden is not Europe. Europe is a continent consisting of many totally different countries with relative geographic proximity. In Northern Europe we have more in common with Canada and Australia than with southern Europe or Russia. You cannot say "Euro" or "Europe" just because som Swede said something about a North American hockey tournament. Just as I can't blame entire North America because som Mexican said something.

Did you consider that at least half of his readers are totally disagreeing with him and still thinks that NHL is the totally awesome and you're also calling them out with your Euro rant?

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