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05-24-2012, 05:47 AM
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Originally Posted by BBKers View Post
Good post. I would also like to add:

We are still far too inconsistent on the PP. IMO fixing that has to be a priority this offseason. One of the keys is to drop Torts grinding dump and chase 5 on 5 strategy and play a different strategic game with the man advantage. Puck control, winning face offs, offensive creativeness and a better puck distribution to open up clear scoring chances need to be implemented. We seldom apply pressure or puck control that is worthy of an NHL tems PP. Whether that is attained by the current coaching staff (not likely) with the current player troop or by adding a few new pieces I will leave unsaid, but this is a VITAL flaw that we need to fix if we are to be parading down Broadway in the future.

I think we need to add one more piece up front and maybe one more on defense. Sauers injury hurt us a lot more than we think in many ways. If he can return, which seems unlikely right now, to past performance form, then that opens up possibilities on the D, eventuallyinvolving a trade to acquire one young fwd with offensive skills. And signing Schultz would be another added bonus on the asset side of our already strong almost exclusively homegrown D.

Parise, Ryan and Nash are all for different reasons some crackhouse pipe dreams IMO. I would resign Prust, Biron, Zuke, Stralman, MDZ and Mitchell. Feds is a ?. As is Bickell. Trying to ge a couple of veteran pieces at next trade deadline, while sacrificing a top prospect or pick, may be the way to go next year. John Scott was a terrible trade - did Sather and Torts have any kind of a discussion about this at all? Seems not... Signing a FA vet might be a good idea on a 1 (2) year deal. Whitney or Smyth (Selanne = drool) come to mind as realistic possibilities. Trading Gabby is not really a good option IMO, unless we get serious overpayment. Which I seriously doubt.

All of our current players will benefit greatly from this years playoff run regardless of the outcome of Game 6 and 7 (?)...and an eventual SC finals. We are a year or two ahead of schedule, which is all good. We have some young talent that might be key future contributors within the organization now. Thinking Fasth, Miller, Erixon, McIllraith and possibly Yogan, MSC and Lindberg.

Time to look after a long term replacement plan in net. I do not mean this at all I regards to last nights game, but this important issue needs to start being looked at. We get maybe 5 more top years with Hank - then what? Maybe at the draft this year to start with...

Go ahead and win the next two games first LGR!!!!
I agree that the strategy is essentially flawed. But the problem with trying to turn this team into puck possession team would mean a massive facelift to our forward line up.

Cally would probably need to be demoted to a 3rd line player because he doesn't really have the necessary skillsets that compliment that system on a second line.

A guy like Boyle would have to be moved because he can't play that style at all. Not to mention certain guys like Hagelin, Feds, Rupp, or even Gabs who aren't that great at playmaking. You would probably need to move about 4 guys in our lineup I would say. Not sure if that is the game plan or not.

Personally, I think the Rangers are going to try to inject the team with either more speed or more size. I don't see them changing their system dramatically.

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