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Originally Posted by Sleeping Dragon 81 View Post
Don't know why people are still bothering to argue with Frankie... it's like playing chess against a pidgeon. You can be a master player, but the pidgeon will just randomly knock pieces down, **** on the board and strut around like it's the victor.
a petty, lame personal shot because you have no other argument. i'd say something back to you, but i have no idea who you are.

do you have anything to say about the topic?

there's no evidence that having the farm team in the same city actually helps the leafs. simply saying, "if you can't see the benefits, you're stupid", isn't evidence. and if it was such a big help, every team would have done it by now.

after 7 years with no positive results, you'd think people would have given up on this myth by now. but i don't think its ever going away.

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