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Name: Steve
Age: 48
Sex: M
Birthplace: East St. Louis, IL.
Hometown: Hillsboro, MO
Mode of Transportation: 2003 Red Pontiac Grand Prix GT
Job: Department of Veteran Affairs
How and when you became a Blues fan: Watched a Blues Bruins tilt back in 1973, was hooked at that point!
Favorite Blues Players: Alex Pietrangelo, David Backes
Favorite NON Blues Player: Bobby Orr
Your Definitive Blues Moment: The Monday Night Miracle, May 1986, VS. Calgary
College Attended/Attending: BAC ( called SWIC now )
Music You Listen To: Anything but Rap and Classical, Currently hooked on the Kshe 95 Klassics A thru Z U Man's tunes on Sunday Mornings. Life is a song...
Favorite Band(s): Pink Floyd, Rush, Styx, Kshe Klassics
Favorite Movie(s): Shawshank Redemption, The Day After Tomorrow, Inglorious ********, Goodfellas, Star Trek 2: The wrath of Khan, Original Star Wars movies.
Favorite Food: Italian, BBQ, Mexican
Favorite TV Show: 24, Lost, Seinfeld, NCIS
Hobbies: Playing Fantasy Sports online and BEER!


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