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Originally Posted by VFL615 View Post
Hockey is not the same and has changed so your argument of watching hockey for 35 years and never seeing it is mute. 1. Cameras are on the players 100 times more now than they have been in the past.2. Hockey is turning into figure skating with all the rules and questionable calls. 3. Anytime a big hit happens now players are looking for a penalty. Did that happen in 5 years ago? 4. The media is 100 times more aggressive and out there than ever before. example Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Websites, and television dedicated to sports and breaking down when players take a dump and what kind of paper they wiped with.
So yelling at a guy in a loud arena is not cool now.
I have a tremendous amount of respect for Doan and his competitive nature but in this instance, the forum he chose to voice his displeasure, at Brown, was wrong. Lots of guys have battled over the years. Blood has been spilled on the ice. At the end of the series, guys shook hands. Remember the Avs/Wings from about 10-12 years ago? Did anything happen but shaking of hands after that blood bath of a series? No. Guys got in line like competitive athletes do and shook hands, even though there was bad blood on the ice between the two teams.

Once the game or series is over it's over. The players left it on the ice, all of them. I love the competitiveness. At the same time, there is a thing called sportsmanship. When all is said and done, the tradition has always been to shake your opponents hand. It's that simple. You can complicate it or throw your own little spin on it but the tradition has been and always will be, to shake your opponents hand and pay them your respect and say good series. Doan handled it a different way and it wasn't the right way. You feel differently and that's your right but I'm a traditionalist and to me, the hand shake line is one of the greatest things in all of sports. He degraded it in my eyes. It has nothing to do with me being soft or wanting them to have a tea party, it's a matter of Doan respecting the sport he's been a warrior in for so long.

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