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Originally Posted by ScoreZeGoals View Post
As a long time fan, I respect his opinion, it's just kind of odd that when the Kings were struggling this year and during previous years, he beat his chest about how right he has been, yet during this run he's been nowhere to be seen. ENJOY THE RUN!!! There is nothing wrong with being skeptical, but when you are proven wrong, be big enough to come out and say so.
How has psp been proven wrong or anyone else for that matter who has been skeptical. They have been fans longer than most, and were not drinking the koolaid. They were expecting results because they were committed yet frustrated fans who heard it all seen it all and were waiting for results. I have been a fan for over 22 years so I am still fresh and hopeful. It is great that all the La fans frustrated, optimistic, drinking the koolaid, on the bandwagon, or whatever are finally able to enjoy this run (well enjoying it since the 93 run which is a long break)

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