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05-24-2012, 10:41 AM
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Originally Posted by mrjimmyg89 View Post
Thus is the trials and tribulations of a young team. You have to learn how to walk before learning how to run. Last season's regular season compared to this years was walking to running. This season's post season is walking to next season's running?

Chicago lost in the WCF before winning the Cup with their young core (Toews, Kane, Keith, Seabrook). Pittsburgh lost in the Cup finals before winning it all with their young core (Crosby, Malkin, Staal, Fleury, Letang). Same with Boston. Same with Philly when they had Richards and Carter even though they didn't win the Cup, they are close to right now on LA.

This is the furthest the Rangers core has ever gone (Hank, Cally, Dubi, McDonagh, Staal, Girardi, MDZ, Anisimov, Dubi, Stepan, etc..) It's not hard to think that this team has a bright future going forward and that this season has been a great learning experience for the players on the roster.

Sometimes you have to lose to learn what it takes to win big games. Hopefully it comes quickly after this game and they take it and win game 6 and 7. If not, they take it and learn from it and go at it again next season with so much big game experience on the team.

Fatigue took affect tonight around the 9 minute mark of the 3rd. After taking all that energy over 45+ minutes of play, they looked A LOT slower at that point in time. When you dig yourself a hole, it takes that much more to come back and it can take a lot out of the team even if they make it as far as tying the game.
I could not be more honest in saying that reading this made me feel better. I know and I know theyre young and next year they will be even better, but after that loss last night and a few...dozen beers (just kidding..but it was a bunch) I was sitting in my chair feeling sorry for myself. I even woke up pissy. I just really want this year to be our year. Next year can be our year too .

I'm honestly (and people can call me what they want) did not think we were going to get past the first round. After we did my hopes sky rocketed and i remember how this team has played all year and how long we were at the top of everyone. The Rangers were actually this scary team that other teams were afraid to play. Now...we've fallen back down and the Devils not only smell blood but they can taste it and we seem to be bleeding out now with 9 goals against in two games. I know this is a learning experience and one of our best offensive players is a rookie straight out of college who hasn't seen NHL ice in his entire life. Our stars disappeared and even Hank seems to have given up.

I know we can still win 2 straight and get ourselves to the finals, but right now my stomach feels like i was dumped last night by my girlfriend. oh God i sound pathetic right now but that's how i feel.

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