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05-24-2012, 10:44 AM
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I understand that, if the move to Prague is just a first step in "westernizing" the league, then i'm all for it. I'm not saying there should be no russian clubs either, of course not, but i want to see a more balanced league which spans over the entire europe, very much like the NHL spans over the NA.

As for LEV and this season, i was wondering what their budget was, then i saw someone post something like 19 mil EURO(or USD not sure) in some other thread, which seems like a lot of money, don't know if that's true at all, but that got me thinking.

I know Jagr doesn't have a contract in the NHL and i know Hasek is looking for a last chance in competitive hockey, any chance Lev might get either of these players ? I mean with 19 mil, they can surely afford them. And that would be an incredible draw for both Lev and the KHL. Then when you throw in some other quality players like Nedved and balance it out with some youngsters, you might have a pretty good team. What do you guys think, is it too far fetched ?

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