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05-24-2012, 12:11 PM
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Is McPhee in a downward spiral?

When a GM is hired he is inspired and full of adreneline. He makes dynamic moves to gather assets and improve the future prospects of the team. The team improves and everyone is happy.

But after a time, the GM gets weary and has to think about saving his own job--even at the expense of the franchise.

All but the very best GMs go through this phase. Poile saved the Caps, then stagnated and failed. He is repeating that story in Nashville.

McPhee is in this phase right now.

Since the Montreal series he has been unsure of his actions. This trade deadline he did nothing to improve the team. He sat on his hands and hoped Hunter would (somehow) get them into the playoffs and save his job.

He got lucky. But really, it isn't good for McPhee or the Caps. When a GM gets into a downward spiral it's just a burden to keep the charade going. McPhee would do best to resign and take up a new job in a new city. All he is doing in D.C. is waiting to be fired.

And, of course, any GM in this spiral will only drag the team down further and further.

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