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Originally Posted by habs03 View Post
Its really a catch 22 real, If PG was in charge of the Gomez trade, so he is credit for the signings of Gill, Cammalleri, etc? Does he great credit for Gorges, because Burke said that he called MTL and want Rivet, but MTL took the San Jose offer..

IMO I place most of the credit/blame on the GM, during Gainey time, he did some good, but also some bad, and during PG time as GM, most of his moves as GM are "Meh' moves to me.

I don't think neither of them were as bad as some ppl made them seem, because we did have some good season under those guys, 1st place finish under Gainey, and the 96 point under PG, and also there are some good young piece left that they built Patches,Subban, and Price...
The rivet trade was at the previous deadline. They traded with SJS and not Burke because the deal was already being worked on and Gainey stuck to it. Really nothing to do with PG here. The biggest return was the draft pick. Apart from that, yes, PG should get credit on guys like gill and so on. I think it's only fair. As Gainey's right hand man I believe he had a HUGE impact on those signings. We can say it was Gainey's choice to go that route, but gauthier also constructed the team. If you don't believe me, ask yourself why Gill was retained and others were kept for as long as they did? They fit Gauthier's model as much as Gainey's.

A lot of gainey's moves were excellent. Rivet for pacioretty and rivet? Balej for Kovalev? etc... Still, the Gomez trade was the bad one and for good reason. If really tainted his legacy as a respectable GM for us. Everyone makes mistakes, but that was rough.

Those 3 guys were drafted under Gainey so I give little credit to PG there. More to Timmins obviously. The habs made the playoffs 5 out of 6 years with gainey and along with the 1st place finish. Under Gauthier's 3 years, final 4 once, playoffs another and 3rd last the final year. What's interesting is first year that was essentially at least 90% gainey and at best 10% PG with the acquisition of a guy like Moore. The years after, he didn't improve the team. I saw little upgrade and more of the same. I liked the core, but still, no big center, no upgrade on D. Not much really. We seemed to be doing status quo and while PG did not trade assets away like mcdonagh, the fact he didnt address needs makes him even worse. There was no direction. To clarify, I don't mean you should trade guys like mcdonagh for gomez all the time. Merely suggesting that was once and gainey's other moves to improve the team, worked out for the most part. In terms of Gauthier, he just would do nothing.

Originally Posted by Watsatheo View Post
What about the opinion suggesting that they are both to blame for everything. Or are we still going to suggest Assistant GMs+Head Pro scouts have no input on decisions?
Depends who you ask obviously. Some like to twist the reality just as much as defenders of Gainey.

End of the day, they both failed to do the job IMO. However, that being said, if I had to choose 1 to be our GM it's Gainey 11 times out of 10.

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