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05-24-2012, 01:26 PM
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It seems to me George is just running his business day to day, and doesn't have his eye on the prize; more treading water. Conservative moves at most, don't rock the boat, stay the course > go win a damn cup. Just compete every year, and keep his job.

So much of what we think are based on expectations. George faced increased expectations because Ovi unleashed by Bruce made us contenders overnight. He has struggled to keep up with fans expectations since. One step back, Montreal, was all it took. The Tampa showing, hurt.

But good points Langway, he may only have a 49% say in all that happens, for all we know. Was it his idea to move a pick for Wideman? Most wanted Wideman gone at the deadline, well who the hell wanted him in the first place. But he is the face of the management so he has to take the heat until we know different.

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