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Originally Posted by jd2210 View Post
I was reading todays Meltzer article and was struck by 2 things. 1 is that somewhat lost in the "great undrafted players" talk is Brendan Manning. Sure he's not Matt Read great, but considering this guy was injured the whole offseason and missed a really good chunk of the regular season, and he was still good enough for a callup (and didn't seem out of place either) in his first year of pro, is impressive considering that he is defenseman. Yes I realize there was a limited amount of choices when he was called up but I thought he performed well.

The second thing was that I'm encouraged by the development of the Dane. I've always found myself pulling for him and I remember when I ranked him last year in my top 10 prospects there were others who liked him as well. Every prospects camp someone tries to destroy him with a hit and ends up being the one on their back. I remember very well his first prospects camp when Clackson thought he'd show the new kid how hard he could hit (Clackson was like 22 or something then) and he bounced off Oliver like Oliver was a brick wall. Wouldn't it be great to have a home grown huge D man that can hit and is a steady defender? He obviously has a way to go yet, especially with is size but a lot of guys drafted around him have done a whole lot of nothing since the draft.

bearclaw has been a favorite of mine too though i dont know that hell really get his skating down against slower competition. hes either going to have to develop on the bottom pair or get some time in overseas but thinking at high speed hasnt been a strength that ive seen.

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