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05-24-2012, 01:55 PM
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Originally Posted by CapitalsCupFantasy View Post
Decades of failure? I honestly can't understand it. I think many Caps fans were simply happy to make it to the 2nd round after years of no playoffs. Their eyes aren't on the prize IMO.
Fans having their eyes on the prize is going to lead to what? People have to realize that any fan-caused change in the direction of the team could very easily mean making things worse, not better, right? As long as people think the team has above-average chances they're probably going to watch. Stop watching, force Ted's hand via his pocketbook, and you lead down an uncomfortable path that could backfire very quickly.

It's one thing to talk about where the management, coaches, players need to be in terms of motivation. But for fans there's not many options. Watch or don't watch. Buy tickets or don't buy tickets. Vocalizing displeasure is mostly going to be dismissed, because there just aren't enough people to make that much noise (and even if there are, good luck getting a coherent message together among the fanbase).

And, frankly, given the ever-increasing ticket prices I don't know that Ted is worried about the happiness of the fanbase right now. If he thought he were on thin ice with the fans you'd imagine they wouldn't be as aggressive as they have been in that respect, right?

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