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03-27-2006, 06:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Pred303
as stupid as this sounds (and god knows i'm a hordichuk fan and hate this)...hordichuk probably got off very lucky here with this ruling... evidently the refs ruled he was the "two many men on the ice" guy at fault (something i certainly didn't know during the game, but i also couldn't understand the 10 minute misconduct), now i understand the 10 minute misconduct...

remember, it's an automatic 10 game suspension for anyone coming off the bench and fighting ...

however, instead of calling it a "fight" the refs simply gave him and parros coincidental "roughing" penalties....(even though we all know hordichuk smashed him twice).. if hordichuk and parros had both been given what they deserved, i.e. fighting majors, and the refs had ruled hordichuk was the 6th man on the ice, which they obviously did, well a suspension of 10 games is automatic with no hope of appeal...
Well, firstly, Hordichuk hardly "smashed" him twice unless you are perhaps referring to some of the shots after Parros went down. There weren't any punches that actually connected and resulted in Parros going down. The contributing factor was just Parros awful balance.

But I digress. I think you might have hit the nail on the head. If this is indeed the case, anyone angry about the suspension should actually be quite content. Since the refs didn't call it an "actual fight", he's lucky to avoid the automatic 10 games on a technicalit. But jumping off the bench to start a "roughing" incident - particularly when it clearly was a fight - is certainly not going to sit well with the NHL brass.

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