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05-24-2012, 03:32 PM
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Originally Posted by brs03 View Post
My point is they're getting competent management (on the whole). Demanding change is just as likely to backfire as it is to push them higher, and I imagine many fans (not to mention Ted) know this.

So yes, it's fragile, but knowing just how much risk is really involved do you really think either side is going to force the issue right now?

I mean, if the Skins turn things around and make a big dent into the winter entertainment budgets throughout the fanbase, then I can see desperation setting in (Caps fans who get tired of spending money on a good-but-not-great product, or management that can't deal with stagnation in the face of tougher competition) but until then I don't know how much uproar to realistically expect.
Competent is letting Semin walk for nothing? Competent is extending injury-prone Poti? Competent is signing Ward to a 4 year $12mil deal? Competent is letting Flash walk for nothing? Sure there are some good moves in McPhee's favor, but there seem to be a lot of bad ones and repeated failures in the postseason. Repeated underachieving.

I think you and I have a difference in the definition of competent.

Why is demanding change "just as likely to backfire"? Change for the sake of change is foolish. Change with direction and purpose is not.

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