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05-24-2012, 04:36 PM
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Originally Posted by blahblah View Post
There isn't an inherent upside that I can see holding on to his rights. Even if he does make a return to the NHL in 2 or 3 years, he won't be lighting up the NHL.

You going to hold on to his rights so maybe we trade them for a 6th round pick in a couple of years?

I understand what you are saying, but I would reserve that for players more worthy.
Let's say for a second that none of the players in the original post re-up. The total roster would look like this.

Signed - 36
RFAs (assuming all are qualified) - 6
Unsigned reserve list - 13

That leaves 14 contracts left to play with, and 19 on the overall reserve list. That could increase to 20 if Jenner goes back to the OHL.

Now, any player who's drafted this year will be on the unsigned reserve list. That could push the number to anywhere from 25-28 on the unsigned reserve list, but that number would fall as the unsigned RFAs actually sign contracts.

The other thing is, a team isn't limited to 30 on the reserve list. They can have 30 contracts and 50 unsigned reserve list players. Obviously, no one does this. But if Mayorov is qualified and there's a glut on the unsigned reserve list, it takes one fax and a phone call to release the rights of either of those two Russian players who are 35 and up. Problem solved.

We also have no idea what a player will do in Europe. Tim Thomas played in North America, then went to Europe for several years before coming back. Jiri Dopita played in Europe for his entire career, and was hugely hyped when he came over. No one thought anything of Henrik Zetterberg, then he hit about age 23 and he was regarded as a future star. Same thing with Fabian Brunnstrom. There's nothing that says that Mayorov won't go over, suddenly erupt, and become a hot commodity.

There's no harm in retaining his rights. And if he completely flops overseas, it costs whatever a fax costs to eliminate that issue very quickly.

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