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05-24-2012, 03:41 PM
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Originally Posted by CapitalsCupFantasy View Post
Competent is letting Semin walk for nothing? Competent is extending injury-prone Poti? Competent is signing Ward to a 4 year $12mil deal? Competent is letting Flash walk for nothing? Sure there are some good moves in McPhee's favor, but there seem to be a lot of bad ones and repeated failures in the postseason. Repeated underachieving.

I think you and I have a difference in the definition of competent.

Why is demanding change "just as likely to backfire"? Change for the sake of change is foolish. Change with direction and purpose is not.
Top 1/3 to 1/2 of the league is competent. Maybe not where you want to be in terms of results vs. $$ spent but still. We want/need above and beyond competent to win the Cup, but competent is what we have. It can get much, much worse from here. It's true that they need a vision, but the problem is a new GM probably means a new vision and you're SOL if that takes a long time to implement. That's the risk (I'm not against it, to be clear, but I think it's a high risk move that won't happen yet).

Individual moves, everyone's going to disagree for some (which is why I said "on the whole"). Semin, might as well look at him as a deadline rental if you're pissed that they didn't get anything for him (besides, the time to do that was years ago before he was so close to UFA, and at the time he was more important and more valuable even as a rental to us). Flash they got Hannan, again just look at it as a UFA rental situation. They got a decent amount out of those guys over the course of their times here, all things considered. I'm not angry that they didn't sell those guys for picks rather than do what they did towards the ends of their time here, if that's what you're getting at (Wideman on the other hand...)

GMGM hasn't been good enough, or perhaps hasn't been bold enough, to this point. But there is the potential for some really, really bad GMing that I think people are ignoring. Pushing too hard for a big change is always going to run the risk of things getting much worse, even if you think you have a vision laid out.

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