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Originally Posted by nickschultzfan View Post
I am one of the few people who thinks that we should trade Cal. My reasoning:

1. Clutterbuck plays a physical game based on speed and hitting that requires youth. His peak playing years is much younger than most forwards. The moment he get injury problems or loses a step, his effectness is drastically reduced. We might already be ing this. I don't think we have too many more good seasons out of him.

2. Clutterbuck doesn't play well with others. Horrible passing. No vision. Takes the majority of shots on whatever line he is one. He potentially kills more offense than he creates. This would be fine on a hard checking with two other low-offense forecheckers, but our third line is going to be archored by Brodziak, who plays a completely different game than Clutterbuck, and Brodziak >> Clutterbuck in value to team.

3. Clutterbuck's shot is incredibly predictable. He goes high every time. As this becomes more and more known to goalies, he'll score a lot less.

4. We do have young players who could replace Clutterbuck on the 3rd line, and who will fit better with Brodziak.

5. Certain GMs will highly value Clutterbuck. He might be worth a 1st rounder at the deadline to some GMs or be part of a trade to move up or for a defender.

6. Clutterbuck skates past the puck looking for a big hit way too often. Everytime he skates past the puck looking for a hit, that's equivalent to a turnover. Teams like the Wings always have the puck because nobody on that team ever skates past the puck.

To me #2 is the big one. Clutterbuck plays so much on an island that its painful to watch. Despite his goals, I blame Clutterbuck for a lot of the Wild's poor offense the last few years. He just kills offensive zone time and he takes bad shots instead of making the easy pass.
This is a well thought out and informative post. Really good analysis.

And I think I agree with it. It might be better to trade Clutterbuck sooner rather than later.

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