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05-24-2012, 06:49 PM
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Originally Posted by VladNYC View Post
So the international ice hasn't been coached and analyzed to death because the NHL doesn't play on it? No defensive systems implemented?

I guess in Europe the coaches just tell the players to "go out there and have some fun" while they sit back in a rocking chair and puff on their favorite pipe.

What can you say to people like this that have such an egocentric world view?

Do you even know how many of the defensive systems utilized in the NHL today were invented by the Swedes and the USSR?

Seriously man, what is wrong with you?
You're making some false assumptions here. It's not necessarily a matter of the quality of the coaching over here, as the old USSR certainly had better coaching, but more a matter of scale and $$$. In terms of size and numbers the hockey population of North America is roughly equal to the hockey population of Europe, but the best hockey minds are all crammed into 30 teams in NA while in Europe there spread out around a much greater number of teams in the various elite leagues. Plus you have to take into account the type of budgets an NHL coaching & scouting staff has to work with vs in Europe, and you're going to get a stronger analysis of the game that includes taking what works over seas. And yes this includes taking good ideas from Europe and refining them over here.

If you're looking at the national team level it's not going to be that big a difference, but I'm not talking about a 3 week tournament but rather an 82 game regular season schedule.

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