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11-25-2003, 10:33 AM
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Questions for Interviews.

I have setup a few interviews, if all goes well, as a few have fallen through, and I don't want to press the players, cause I know they are busy and all.

But I thought I would see if you guys/girls had any questions you would like to ask the players I am going to be interviewing. Not all questions will get asked, as I try and keep the interviews from being too long. I just want you give a chance to the posters/readers here to ask some questions.

I have setup an interview with Chris Higgins, Danny Stewart, and maybe Ryan O'Byrne. I will interview Ryan O'Byrne's assistant coach (the defensive coach) but I have not recieved any word from Ryan's coach, so I can't say if I will get to interview him or not. These are the interviews I have lined up over the next two weeks, but nothing is set in stone, and things can fall through as they have before. A interview with Mark Flood just never happened, he or the organization never got back to me after several attempts.

Also, I may be able to get some questions in for an interview with Jaroslav Halak that another member of HF staff is doing, but since it's not my interview, I have no idea if I can get any questions in at all.

For the next month, I will try and interview Maxim Lapierre, Andrew Archer, and Andre Deveaux.

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