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05-24-2012, 07:13 PM
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Originally Posted by 7even View Post
This post is downright comical. God forbid you actually address a need with a specific player type and not just make a trade for the sake of making a trade. A "settle" mentality is what brought this franchise Connolly after Richards was off the market, and we know how that's worked out. Really, your first paragraph is just astoundingly ignorant. Like, wow.
How great is this? I don't have to waste my time dignifying your garbage response because a rational Leaf fan did it for me. How can you possibly call me ignorant when proposals like this one continue to pop up here everyday, and every time a gaggle of Leaf fans come in and explain to the masses that the player in question (Staal, Vinny, Carter, Savard when he was healthy, etc) just doesn't measure up for some inane reason. The bottom line is that there are only a handful of really elite #1 centers league wide, and you're not getting one of them. So whoever you get is going to have some sort of deficiency, or else you can continue to mow throw guys that have never, ever, proven to be #1 centers (Connolly, Bozak).

Here's the deal...If Vinny is available (which he's most likely not), then Burke should go after him. He's wasted millions on crappy players that haven't contributed anything, so who cares if Vinny is slightly overpaid. He's be far and away the closest thing to a #1 center that's been in Toronto since Sundin left town. He's the best he's gonna do for now.

Originally Posted by Grant123 View Post
People have their hopes up for a player that doesn't exist.

What leaf fans in general want as a center:
- Proven but young (80+ points for 5 years already but still 21 or younger)
- Big but fast (like 6 foot 6 so can play the boards extremely well, but fast enough to keep up with Kessel)
- A guy who can pot 40 goals while still being a pass first guy so our sniper Kessel can get 60
- Leadership qualities
- Can play goalie as well cause ours are no good

Clearly this player doesn't exist and never will. I see the center that leafs want as a Barbie. Someone you can make as a doll/in a video game, but in real life just isn't possible. The most feasible thing I listed is the leadership qualities. Too bad we have Burke's man Phaneuf already as a captain so he won't necessarily care about if the player has that quality or not.

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