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05-25-2012, 01:06 AM
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I preface this by saying I haven't seen Barzal play. I've seen McDavid quite a bit and Noel only limited.

Re: McDavid - I think he currently looks better than both Stamkos and Tavares at the same age...but that's really not saying a lot. Players grow, the change, they mature, they fail to mature, etc. I find McDavid's general skill set to be more elite..but time will be the judge.

I've never seen McDavid/Noel in any competition against each other - have they ever played against each other? I've seen Noel. Mentally trying to compare the two (an impossible task) I think McDavid is more advanced...but not by a country mile.

In any event, I think the best time to judge McDavid/Barzal (and Noel...and any of the other top prospects from other countries) is in the autumn of their respective draft years (or in the spring of the year prior).

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