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Originally Posted by RandV View Post
It's not just size that matters. Doesn't matter how big you are if you're skating isn't up to par. I never really watch AHL or US College games, but you'll find plenty of wide open hockey in the CHL suggesting the rinks are suitably sized, and for my own beer league hockey it definitely doesn't need to be any bigger. The top 1000 or so players may have outgrown the standard NA sized rink, but for the 499,000 other people that play hockey in North America there's nothing wrong with our standard size rink.
if you take it from this pow, than whole this thread is pointless. Who cares about NHL/KHL/IIHF hockey when Sunday Leaguers are happy with the rink size.

I pointed out on a fact that average height of those 499,000 ppl you mentioned above is roughly 10 cms more than other 499,000 ppl that lived 10-15 decades ago. Although I have never seen exact figures, we can also suppose that average NHLers are taller, too. Bigger players makes the rink look smaller.

Good example (although little offtopic) are goalies. Century ago, 180 cms tall man was a big well-built bloke, while nowadays goalies are considered undersized if they are just 180 cms tall.

Size matters. No idea how tall will be people in the future, but it would be no fun watch team of Charas on the NA sized rink (I know, very extreme example)

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