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05-25-2012, 06:46 AM
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Originally Posted by stv11 View Post
Now that we had to digest that disappointing tournament, anyone thinks that Simpson may not be the right guy?

I think he's definitely a downgrade compared to Krüger, but who wouldn't? And I can't think about anyone available who would do a better job.
I'd say it's too early to say that.
He has the hard task to make the jump into the big nations.
The casual fans in Switzerland have utopic expectations, caused by the media. To statisfy them he has to let our team play attractive hockey AND he has to be successful.

The good thing is:
We played fairly good and "fun to watch"-hockey. It didn't look like a permanent PP for the opposing team as we know it from Krueger (slightly exaggerated).
Hell, from time to time we even dominated superior opponents.

But the bad thing is:
We still don't have the goal scoring quality we need to succeed with this strategy. The spectacular play leads to better chances for the opponents. And that's the reason we lost to a team like France. In the past, we tried to take over the game against them, too. BUT we still had the defense back in our minds. Our PK was one of the best in the whole tournament. And against stronger enemies... well... it was a fairly safe way to produce 1-2 surprises per year.

We are basicly not good enough to win our games regularly when we play offensive. But the fans out there would be disappointed if we play defensive hockey, reach the QF and get destroyed (once again) by a superior opponent.

He really doesn't have a job I'd like to have. And he does it pretty good.

So keep calm and wait for Sotchi

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