Thread: Speculation: Rangers may lose Mike Sullivan
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05-25-2012, 07:55 AM
eco's bones
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WTF!--it's like at work--the bosses get the credit for what the workers do--either good or not so good.
And it's a joke because generally in the workplace the bosses are morons when it comes to the details anyway of what the work and their own workers are actually all about.

This is a bit different as neither Tortorella or Sullivan are morons--but you can draw up all kinds of plans on a chalkboard--even practice, practice, practice them at practice--that's if you have the time for it between game days--but still it's the players that have to go out and execute these plans and then there is the other team because no matter how carefully you draw things up they are an X factor determined to **** those plans up for you.

Anyway the Rangers have had one of their best seasons--at least in my 40 years of watching them and some here are ready to send players and coaches packing. Just wondering about that?!--or WTF!

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