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Originally Posted by ColePens View Post
I played Dek Hockey (a story for a different time) for one season and quit after because of this. People who never played the game before have this idea in their head that they are allowed to screen the goalie w/o being touched. It boggles my freaking mind. The best part of hockey is the battles in front of the net. If you are experienced, you know the cheap shots (nothing excessive) to get a player from being stable and easily move them out. Goalies and defenders have the free reign to battle. That's part of ANY game. Even non-contact. It always ends in a pissing match unless you are playing with someone who played the game.
Having never played (yet), this may sound uneducated but ...

I guess for me this is a point of confusion. The battles in front seem like they're well worth it. It allows you to out physical and out work the person you're battling with, but even the small cheap shots seem to take the work (and fun) out of it. I wouldn't think there would be a defense for some of those attempts to make you unstable. (i.e stick blade to back of knee) It just seems like a quick way to upset someone and have things escalate quickly.

Again, if you can out work someone by being more physical, that's part of the game. But getting someone out from in front of the net by making them unstable via cheap shot in a rec league doesn't seem like battling in front of the net to me.

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