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05-25-2012, 08:13 AM
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Well, Since I probably hate Sekera more than anybody on these boards, I will say this:

Sekera WAS our best defensemen like Jame said, you win this round Jame . That doesn't mean Sekera IS our best defensemen. It just means Ehroff(which I thought was our most IMPACTFUL dman) and Myers didn't play all that good.

If Myers and Ehroff don't play up to there potential and abilities and Sekera turns out to be our best defensemen, chances are we are missing the playoffs. In other words, to make the playoffs, I think a lot of the posters here would agree, Myers and Ehroff have to be our best defensemen for us. Sure every defensemen needs to play well, but the big two that NEED to play well have to be Myers and Ehroff.

I still stand by my opinion that Sekera is overrated by Sabres fans, but stats are stats and there's no way you can argue against stats...unless of course they're plus/minus stats we are arguing about. Or Quality of competition (because on the road the Home coach has last change).

If you're a head coach of the opponent, which guys would you want to match your best lines against if you have last change? You don't go by these stats that Jame has impressivley showcased, you go by how the players are playing, by WATCHING the game. So IF Myers is shutting down your top line in your matchups while you're on the road, would you want to have the 1st line matched up @ home when you have last change? No you put them out there when the other team puts their other pairings out there, thus increasing the defenseman's quality of competition rating. But, you know stats can't be misrepresented

BTW, yes, I do like to argue, just to argue

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