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05-25-2012, 08:17 AM
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Originally Posted by heartsabres View Post

Why are we paying Myers 5.5 to be our second best defenceman?
Why is the skill level of the other defenceman so low that Sekera can be called our best defenceman.

Whether Jame is in love with Sekera or not, Sekera is not the MOST skilled defenceman in the team thus should not stand out as the best.
Originally Posted by heartsabres View Post
So what you are saying is you want to know what the problem is?
Here is a hint, I never said there was a problem. This is just the way you started your post. Never said it was Sekera´s fault, why would you think it was Sekera´s Fault? Who f§$§ cares who´s fault it is? That is a ludicrous statement.
Jame never said he had the highest ceiling, I never said Jame said he had the highest ceiling

Actually after reading your post again you just argued about things with yourself. I never pointed a finger a Jame or Sekera so why you draw conclusions in which I would not read in to a poster´s post and try to respond with an argument that never existed. In fact what are you even talking about?

If you want there to be problems then I will explain them to you and hopefully you will understand them.
1. The team missed the playoffs and that is the entire organizations fault and the distribution is an opinion from Regier, Ruff and Pegula to the players.
2. Sekera should not be noticed as the best defenceman if Myers and Ehrhoff are here.
3. If Sekera is our best defenceman next year then we will be in a bad situation considering Tyler Myers is expected to be a top 10 defenceman in the NHL

4. Unless we compare Sekera to the top Defenceman in the NHL then how do we know how good our defence really is.

The bolded missing the playoffs and not having Tyler Myers stand out as the best defenceman ok with with you because that is what you are saying if there is no problem.
These are the types of arguments that get made when facts can no longer be denied.... so some weird quasi argument needs to be made.

"The Sabres are in trouble/won't make the playoffs if Sekera plays like a top 40 defensemen"

^ one of the stupidest arguments I've ever heard...

Clearly the Sabres MUST have top 40 play from the 6'8" guy... or the 10 year contract guy... otherwise that top 40 play is not good enough

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