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Originally Posted by s7ark View Post
Europeans are welcome to look down their nose at how we do thing in North America all they like. But the fact is that the NHL has the best players in the world, is much more popular than any other hockey league, and far, far more profitable. So we'll probably just keep doing things how we see fit and pretty much ignore all the nay-saying Europeans with an axe to grind about losing their top players to the NHL.

Europeans can care as much as they like about the WHC. We're more than happy with the NHL and the SCF. We can settle which country is tops at the Olympics.
That's exactly the point. Ppl in Na are so full of themselves... for the wrong reasons. I'm not going to argue. there is a lot of hockey ahead of us. I'll just wait and see how the so called best league in the world will lose again and again.

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