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Originally Posted by heartsabres View Post
Ok, so what you are saying is if you had a choice to start a team and you can pick one of Sekera, Ehrhoff or Myers you would pick Sekera. Sounds logical to me, continue.

Also it is a bad arguement to say that we didnt make the playoffs because our other defencemen preformed so poorly it allowed Sekera to be called the best of the bunch.

Hey if you are happy with this all the more power to you. I care about wins, loses and playoffs and as Sekera with the best "stats" on the team we didnt make it. PERIOD
Sorry, but it was obvious to anyone watching without preconceived notions that on MOST nights, Sekera was the best Sabres defenseman. I would never argue with anyone who says that Sekera plays an absolute stinker every once in a while. That's totally true. But (this is just from watching the games, not statistical analysis), Sekera is better at the following things than any other Sabre:
  1. Patiently clearing the puck
  2. Avoiding forecheckers
  3. Sticking to his guy without the puck
Those three things are obvious when you watch the games. Erhoff is about 50% on clearing the puck. Myers frequently loses his guy. Also, they both cough up the puck way too much in their own zone. Sekera does a pretty good job of not doing that (on most nights). I understand the hesitation about Sekera because he's not really physical, doesn't possess a great shot, and while a very good skater, isn't Brian Campbell. But he plays a very sound game fundamentally, and isn't a liability in any facet of his game.

This isn't a case where the stats are better than his actual play, but rather, this is a case where the stats prove how effective a simple, heady game can be. He's not a franchise defenseman, which is I think what you are getting at, but Jame's point is that he's very very good at what he does.

There is literally no logical argument that you can make that Sekera's play prevented the Sabres from making the playoffs. If your point is that Myers and Erhoff need to play better for the Sabres to make the playoffs, that makes sense, but I would argue that they don't need to outperform Sekera to be better. Myers should be able to (based on sheer physical ability), but if he were just to raise his game to the level of Sekera, that would probably be enough to significantly improve the Sabres record.

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