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Originally Posted by mmfhockey View Post
I can't stop laughing want to know about kids that could get drafted in 2014. Which are kids born 1998 so today they're either in sec. 1 or sec. 2.... yeah OK ....WHICH IS PROBABLY THE AGE A YOUR SON (13 OR 14 YRS OLD) AND YOUR SAYING HE'S GETTING OFFERS NCAA DIV 1.... ..WOW HE MUST BE THE NEXT CROSBY ......FUNNY IF IT"S THE CASE WE WOULD OF HEARD SOMETHING......BUT I FORGOT YOUR FROM WEST ISLAND EVERYTHING IS BETTER OUT THERE..... HOCKEY WAS INVENTED THERE..........

You do not like it when we mention West Island. You prefer laval and frantangelo? Is this your kid and is he drafted? Is this a more appealing topic for you?

And as for my kid - maybe you have heard of him? But again - I am not here to talk about him.

Sec 1 - that would they would be lates. A favourite topic of many Quebecers....

2014 Draft eligible.

There are other threads discussing 2015 NHL drafts. My thread is simpler than that...for most.

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