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05-25-2012, 12:04 PM
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Bernmeister plan dated 5/25/2012:

Trade 1
To NYR: Gernat, Marincin, Pitlick, Edmonton 1st 2013, + Oiler 2nds 2012 + 2013

To EO: MDZ, Boyle, Biron, NYR 3rds 2012 + 2013

Oilers get Del Zotto, a D they can use immediately, + Boyle, who is complementary for them as to playing C or W, and is good defensively + Biron, who maybe briefly useful as a tutor, but then has value as an emergency injury replacement or complementary backup to a guy like Thomas, who can't be asked to do a whole season too many games as #1.
These are 2 of the best D prospects Oilers have (Klefborn higher ranked, further along, I believe) but we they are at least 2+ years min away. Pitlick is a year +, has good speed, but not clear as to shooting/other skills at NHL level; Oilers have enough forwards.

long term, Gernat + Marincin are tall w/possibility to skate well, good Ds, and lefty, match up very nicely as complement with Noreau and Ceresniak, who are about same level away. Pitlick speedy skater an improvement over Bourque and helps reduce loss of Thomas (next trade).
Immediate: We flip our 2012 and 2013 thirds for Oiler counterpart 2012 and 2013 seconds, this year's Oiler second being close to a late 1st, maybe useful to move up.
We add Edmonton's 1st for next year 2013.

Summary: Oilers get established value now for potential later.
Note: although this is 3 for 3 + picks, we might have to do Edmonton a favor and take a deadweight contract back --- Not someone like Horcoff, but something.

Trade 2
To NYR: Nash, CBJ 1st 2012

To EO: Girardi, Dubinsky, Thomas, St. Croix, NYR 2012 1st + 2nd and NYR 2013 1st + 2nd
Howson wants more, including Kreider, who he'll never get.
This trade is based on the premise that while Blue Jackets don't HAVE TO trade Nash, Nash doesn't have to do anything more than just show up, and potential suitors know that, and will not pay Columbus when there is such a long term big $$$ contract at risk and in play. Ergo it's a package deal.
CBJ gets 4 picks for 1, an All Star D, an imperfect but quality F in Dubinsky, a bang bust guy in Christian Thomas, and a developing sniper in St. Croix.

Rangers get a sniper and a 1st which is #2 overall.

Trade 3: here there are options.
a) We could keep + use the pick --- not too shabby.
b) or we could make like the New England Patriots and trade down and keep extracting a price as we go down.
c) or, we might be able to trade the pick for Shea Weber
NOTE: This assumes Weber wants out to extent he will not renew, because he wants to go 'home' which is NW, ie, Vancouver, but Edmonton could be close enough. This means you MUST assume for purpose of this post his value at this stage is as a one year rental, no re-signing.

If we opt for c), Weber, we can keep him and enjoy him as an integral component for next year's run;
we can approach Oilers, and say if they want to pay for the privilege, we will allow them to negotiate with Weber, which they might do anyway not just because they can use him but to keep us from making a similar overture to Canucks (for which Kesler/Edler) would come the other way. If Weber wants to go west, and Edmonton is to his liking, and a deal can be struck, we can then package Weber + for RNH or other bounty.

projected lineup/roster:
Nash -- Richards -- Gaborik
Kreider -- Anisimov -- Callahan
Hagelin -- Stepan -- Prust
Fedotenko -- Rupp -- Scott

Fasth, JT Miller Pitlick next in the pipeline

D if/until Weber moved, and assuming J Schultz signed
Staal Weber
McD Schultz
Erixon Stralman
McIlrath knocking on door

that's the core of it...

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