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05-25-2012, 02:23 PM
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While results were not there, our team played great, it was great spectacle. I was proud of them.
They also acted as an excellent ambassador for Swiss hockey.
And matched the great nations in the game.

As per Krueger, he was playing the trap ! with amazing goaltending. (Gerber, Aebischer were simply amazing !)
Today, goaltending isn't at the same level. Instead we have a great game on the field.

Add better scorers, a goaltender in good shape ... and with a bit of luck, we could end up beyond the semis !

To change our view on Simpson, didn't we end up 1st of the robin round in 2010 ?
robin round classification in 2010
then we lost to Germany in the QF in an absolute scandalous manner, with a huge luck for the Germans and all the opposite for us ! 41 shots to 25
game stats for SUI GER 2010 QF
Then the germans lost to the Russians ... in a game that the Swiss would have won ... and we would have ended up in the finals ! with only an NLA team.
Simpson heading all this !!

So i wouldn't be too tough on Simpson.
Under Simpson, Switzerland beat many great nations.

I like our team, i like Simpson and believe that their is plenty more to come.
And i hope Simpson stays.

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