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05-25-2012, 03:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Diggyjets View Post
it works both ways.. just because couturier was on a team with alot more depth doesnt give him an edge. with so much talent up front he was stuck with 4th line and top pk minutes, if he was on the jets and getting 2nd line minutes like burmi was we would of have him contending for a calder.. couturier played 14 min a game almost half of that every night on the pk... burmi played 16 min 2nd to only Little which indicates mostly 2nd line ice time. offensive ice time. there roles were not even close to identical.. burmi was actually put in a position to get more points and start scoring.. couterier was not.. and also burmi was a +4 couturier was a + 18 ( give or take) while playing on the pk.... not to mention couturier has 20 pounds plus on him.. [B]burmi will be along the likes of a Jim Slater, and other great 3rd liners most likely.. Couturier will be up their with Mike Richards, Dustin browns, and other top 6 players who are just as good defensivly as there 50 to 60 points [/B]( gems i think we call them )
1st B: what does that mean? Where did you get these numbers. if couturier was +18 on the pk that means he was a 0 at 5 on 5 (as he was a +18 overall).

if your going to use stats, use actual stats, don't make them up.

2nd B: i stated that earlier that he was considerably bigger. no argument.

3rd. please argue this to me. You've stated it. back it up. what's your facts. comparativ enumbers? career performance of most 50-60 point players in their rookie seasons? You've stated it, back it up, something you've refused to do so far.

And why jim slater? where the hells is that coming from? you've essentially, AGAIN, just said, Burmistrov will not develope. He is jim slater now and never will be anything better. Sean couturier will develope. He is jim slater now and will be mike richards. there is nothing to peg that claim to beyond personal fancy.

lets explain it this way.

I have 2 paper bags, ones red and ones green. each has an orange inside it of a very similar weight, consistency and shape. I tell you to hold the bags, without looking inside, and tell me which orange is better.

There is no possible way for you to know which orange is better.

you do not have enough information to logically arrive at the answer.

you may have an arbitrary favoring of red vs green which will cause to choose one but the available information creates a situation where the only way to arrive at an answer is through completely arbitrary reasoning.

that is what you are doing.

none of us arguing that one players better then the other, were arguing that their is not a rational way to make a definitive statement on the topic where one is pegged better. they have performed nearly identically. The oranges are still in the bag!

thats it. i'm done.

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