Thread: Speculation: Ryan Kesler Unhappy?
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05-25-2012, 05:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Medium Rare View Post
I actually want Kesler to play with Iginla and then down the road Baertschi. Iginla has always had his best years with a very good 2way center and Kesler is a step of from Conroy and Langkow.

I am not worried about taking on extra cap space. and I know Ballard has value, thats why I wasn't lowballing with the suggestion.

I think Tanguay has a bit more value than Ballard and I think Kesler has a bit more value than Giordano. I thought of Malhotra as more of a dumb than Ballard
I reiterate: Kesler needs a play maker. Iginla would look stellar with Kesler, but Tanguay would bring the package together. Never said you were low balling either I just feel Kesler is the most valuable player in the trade, and Ballard is a bit closer to Tanguay then Gio is to least from an admittedly biased Canucks homer.

I like the deal, I just think some tweaks might be needed, because Kes does need a playmaker to play with (I think passing to Iginla would be easier for him then using Raymond, or Samuelsson, or an injured Booth like he has been), and Tanguay is a premium playmaking winger.

Originally Posted by SDK View Post
Cue the "my decent assets for your star player" trade proposals.
I actually don't think many of the offers so far have been bad. Some have been a little bit light, some have been the wrong kind of return, but for all the ill will Canucks fans have brought upon themselves, myself included, I think everyones been civil and brought some good ideas and offers forward.

Originally Posted by BeersHockey View Post
I don't know, I think VAN should take that deal and run. You end the goalie controversy, keeping the one that VAN actually wants and getting rid of that AWFUL contract. You get a comp back in Grabovski, and essentially either probably Galchenyuk or Grigorenko - 1C of the future.
There is no guarentee that Galchenyuk or Grigorenko would be able to immeadiately step in and make an impact, which is what we are looking for. Luongo(even as a back up) and Kesler, to our roster, are more impactful then Grabovski would be (who granted, I personally don't like and may tint my opinion). It's a matter of risk, and personally I wouldn't do it, and I don't think Gillis would either. If we were in the midst of a rebuild...sure. But this isn't a matter of lateral move now, better later. We get worse now, and probably (assuming we don't have a colossal mess we make) better later. Our focus is on the now, and we bundle two pieces we can still make use of now (I think Schneider will still get the better return) for an immediate downgrade, versus the Schneider return, and at our 2c position.

As for an awful contract, I'm happy to keep it. Heck, I'm feeling generous, so I'd even send a few picks your way for Hossa's contract

Originally Posted by Vorkosh View Post
This is the problem facing Vancouver. We have no one to play 2C once Kesler is gone. 1C of the future does not help us now. 1C of the future, to be effective would imply that down this road, both Sedins have retired and Vancouver would essentially be rebuilding
More concise and to the point, I agree.

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